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QC Exclusive Magazine's Profile on Chef Alyssa's Spreads
"These condiments are next level. We couldn’t get enough here in the QC office, and the jars only lasted us 24-hours. We spread the salty, savory dips on crackers, dipped veggies in them, and, per the chef’s recommendation, used the tomato jam in a melt-y grilled cheese sandwich."

Style Blueprint's Top 10 Hostess Gift Guide

"Your foodie friends will thank you for this gift pack! Charlotte’s own Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen has created the ultimate duo of condiments with her smoked chili and rosemary mustard spread and champagne tomato jam.

Epicurean Charlotte's Profile of Passion: Chef Alyssa's Kitchen

"The Mustard Spread goes hand in hand with a Champagne Tomato Jam. They are not your typical mustard and ketchup, but a duo that have countless uses."

Charlotte Lately's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

WCCB News Rising's TV Segment Zell or Zilch

"This is a great gift. Anyone can just do a bottle of wine. So if you're going to a party hand them a spread like this or incorporate into your holiday spread this season. That is a Zell. I love it. I've used it on chicken and salmon and it's insane."

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"While this one isn’t technically craft alcohol, Chef Alyssa does a lot with her cooking classes involving the craft community so had to include this, plus they look so damn good."

Creative Loafing's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

"Chef Alyssa has released two new spreads — the Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard and the Champagne-Tomato Jam — just in time for the holidays. Each of them are made from all-natural ingredients and are preservative free. They're also vegan, gluten and dairy free."

Charlotte Observer's Announcement of New Products

"A Smoked Chili and Rosemary Mustard Spread is made with fresh rosemary can be used as a spread or dip, or mixed with olive oil to make salad dressing. A Champagne-Tomato Jam can be used as a spread on sandwiches and crackers or used as a finishing touch on prime rib."