Alyssa and Andrew Wilen met in Charlotte, NC in the Fall of 2011. They began dating and soon after, in December 2012, they hatched an idea. Thinking about the needs of Charlotte, Alyssa and Andrew decided to join forces in business and merge their skills of being a chef and an event planner/marketer. So, they decided to do what all young, newly dating couples usually do – start their own company: Chef Alyssa's Kitchen.

The company’s mission is to provide a comfortable and social environment that will allow guests to enhance their skills for those who love to cook and eat well.

Alyssa and Andrew believe everyone wants to cook more and live healthier. All of their cooking classes are designed to be fun and informative. With these thoughts in mind, Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen is a true representation of both their passions.

Since their launch, Chef Alyssa's Kitchen has gone on to win multiple awards in the city for Best Cooking Class and sells out nearly every cooking class. Chef Alyssa appeared on Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay in June 2016.

Alyssa and Andrew got married in May 2016 and soon after launched their next line of business - Chef Alyssa's Spreads. Both of these recipes have been developed by Alyssa and became big "crowd pleasers" at events, dinners and trade shows. 


About Our Products

Both spreads are robust, versatile, and preservative-free, made from ingredients that you can pronounce. Chef Alyssa is on a mission to help you in the kitchen. When she’s not teaching classes that help people cook with confidence, she’s crafting products to make cooking easier. For more information about our products along with the hows and why we began. Please click here!

Since their release, Chef Alyssa's Spreads has been featured in multiple online and print publications along with listings in gift guides. Please click here to read more In The News.

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